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Can you put the sexy on our strategy?


Hi there,

I’m Rick Marton and ten years ago I launched a program called Effective Naturally to help organisations find their purpose and competitive advantage. We soon grew in to something much bigger and our ongoing focus on evolving, as well as the need to grow as our clients grow offers the opportunity to expand our team

At Effective Naturally, we’re a small-ish company that punches well above our weight, putting forward the power of people, doing as we say we do, approaching marketing strategically to position our clients as trusted brands. To our clients and each other we’re honest friends with a challenging spirit, restless to find better ways of doing things and always seeing things through the eyes of our audiences.

We’re looking for an experienced Digital Content Creator.

You’ll be delivering content in line with our individual client marketing strategies. I’m sure you’ll love the clients we work with and the things we get to be part of. We don’t take competing clients, so that means the list of industries we’re across covers everything from retail to heritage and from travel to telco. You certainly won’t get bored!

You’ll be creating compelling content for YouTube through to Facebook Stories, Snapchat Filters through to Instant Experiences and landing pages. To be honest, some of your work will be sexy, most will just be genuine, authentic and true to the client brand. Yes sex sells, but authenticity builds better audiences.

So let’s get to the point.


  • have an adaptable creative style to fit each client brand and tell their unique story.
  • can extract a story and empathise with the target audience to produce bite sized pieces of content that educate, motivate and generate desire.
  • have a true attention to detail and need to be proud of the work you do.
  • are responsive and able to seize timely opportunities delivered with a sense of urgency.
  • see the opportunity in any challenge.
  • should be hungry to find new ways of delivering information and engaging audiences.
  • are proficient in the effective use of editing tools (preferably Adobe Creative Suite).
  • are resourceful with the ability to repurpose old content and give it life.
  • are ethical and honest, and enjoy the opportunity to help our clients and their customers.
  • may have other ‘weekend’ clients or community service commitments and we’re more than happy for you to maintain those.
  • are interested in the tools of application and new features as they’re released such as Facebook Premiere and Augmented Reality Experiences.
  • want to build something special in your role and grow your career with us.

Your Responsibilities…

  • Concept, design, execute and test quality content for a range of social and digital channels while maintaining the client voice and visual consistency.
  • Propose real time content based on trending topics that fit with our client narrative and objectives – some fun, some moving, some educational. It will be diverse!
  • Create video, animations, interactive content, photography, GIF’s, graphics and other moments of genius for social, web and in-store screens delivered remotely.
  • Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, optimised for the right channel.

The role…

  • Based in our bright and airy CBD Launceston office but you can choose to work from home some days or you’ll be on location for your projects.
  • The role is adaptable around your lifestyle, as long as deadlines are met and your passion remains. 25-30 hours per week open as a starting point and you keep track via our app.
  • Our team meets each Monday morning to discuss timely opportunities arising for each client and to optimise our calendars to ensure smooth delivery of projects – otherwise each of your weeks will be quite unique.
  • Each role is provided a budget for training and development as well as fulfilling requests for quality equipment on the condition it adds value or a competitive advantage to our client or business outcomes.
  • There’s a long term vision for this role and rewards are strong for those who show commitment to quality output.

You should love what you do and you should feel your work has purpose. We need someone amazing. If that’s you then I promise to invest in you now and well into the future.

If you’re interested, please send details, some insight in to what you can bring to our business and a note on what you want to get out of a career with us. In short, I’d like you to make me want to want you (that is after all the business we’re in). Your interest will be treated in the greatest of confidence.

Applications close June 25, 2019.

I look forward to hearing from you, even for a confidential chat before a formal application. 



  • This is optional, but be open, it helps me to make sure that this next step will give you what you want out of life...
  • There's no set expectation in how you show your interest. You're a marketer. Sell yourself.
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