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Coaching - Individuals and Business

When it comes to getting you where you want to be, your strategy requires consistency and an objective voice for both individuals and business. The ability to strategise, bounce ideas and call upon a voice of honesty to work through challenges and opportunities, can ensure you stay off the treadmill and continue to project forward. Dependent on what your individual circumstances require, Rick will share any of the tools we've developed to build an easy to use, step by step action plan to get where you want to be. 

The first session includes a Gallup Strength Finder Assessment and an online Factfinder to be used by Rick for pre-reading, allowing your time to be used for maximum effectiveness. 


First 2 hours : $500 ex GST available at our Launceston office or by Skype.
Additional Hours : $180 ex GST per hour in our office, over Skype or by phone.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Social media is the nucleus of word of mouth marketing. It is word of mouth, accelerated.

But keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms and formats of Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter can be a bit daunting.

Effective Naturally offer a proactive and strategic approach to using social media as a central two-way communication tool for your organisation. We'll take your message to your people, while you concentrate on delivering your amazing product.

Our investment in the very best, market leading software, combined with our experience and tailored strategy allows us to give unparalleled performance in:

Content Creation - working with you to create a set of content that your target audiences will love to engage with.

Publishing - posting that content at optimal times, in the best formats utilising tools that provide us a competitive advantage.

Moderation - we get to know your business in-depth so we can answer most questions with an authentic and knowledgeable voice. Of course we'll be straight in touch with you on any topics of concern and our public relations experience can be relied on should it ever be needed.

Listening - know where your brand is being mentioned across the web so you can take part in the conversation. It's a novel way to extend that hype around your brand further than just your own page.

Reporting - get to know consumer habits and access real time page performance. We can then share this information with you. Some of our clients even use it to help them decide which new stock to purchase.

Apps - utilised to run competitions, share content and maximise data capture. These can be included on desktop and mobile versions of Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. 

Advertising and Performance - keep track of how your advertising dollar is spent right down to knowing the cost of conversion for every new lead. This provides real metrics on your advertising dollar.

Packages start at $1650/month + GST and include a $150/month advertising budget

Yes. All of our work is done here in Tasmania. Local knowledge, local context, local investment.


Rick is an experienced speaker and thought leader on achieving positive momentum in careers and business.

Too many people find themselves working in pretty much the same position they were one, two or ten years ago. The struggles they had then are the struggles they have now. 

These presentations are designed to get you moving...

Snap in to it! - In a world of globalisation it seems the world’s big brands continue to dominate. But amongst the sea of mammoth brands are new rule breakers that know they don’t have to be huge to be a trusted brand. Full of tangible ideas the audience can use today to snap in to a successful business model. 

iBrand - a 45 minute presentation for school leavers, using brands as the language by which teenagers identify with the outcome of teaching them the importance of owning their unique brand, protecting job prospects and using social media positively.

BrandYou - aimed at individual professionals who are looking to accelerate their careers and build influence in their industry.

Each speaking session includes pre-event consultation and collation of industry information to ensure the presentation is directly relatable to the needs of your audience.


Brand Discovery

  • The most clear and effective marketing success strategy available in Australia starting under $10,000.
  • Leave your competitors behind.
  • Reduce your reliance on your advertising budget.
  • Start having opportunities chasing you.

Developing a brand is not just about advertising or a new logo. It's not just about 'frequency and reach', it's about conveying value and building trust. The Brand Discovery roadmap is an in-depth assessment of your total business, culminating in a 12 month calendar of simple to implement strategies to become a brand people rave about.

Contact us for more details and to assess suitability.


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